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Crash Course

| 1 Courses

Grasp the fundamentals of the forex market with these essential courses.

What is Forex?


Learn about the forex market and how to start trading. 

Introduction to the Forex Market

| 2 Courses

Discussing what the FX market is, how it evolved over time as well as how it operates


Discussing what the FX market is, as well as how it operates and when it is open.


Fundamental analysis

| 2 Courses

This topic is to discuss the effects of supply and demand, inflation and how monetary and fiscal policies affect an economy and is about to present and explain various economic indicators as well as their possible effect on exchange rates



Technical analysis

| 3 Courses

This topic discusses technical analysis including a short intro, charting analysis, mechanical analysis and candlestick formations


This course aims to provide you an introduction to technical analysis and its toolkit



This course discusses how mechanical analysis compliments charting analysis but also to recognise

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Start your learning journey with IronFX Academy

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