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A certificate is awarded upon the completion of a course.
All attained certificates can be found under “My Account”
Please Log in/Register via, and click “Enroll”

A course consists of lessons and quizzes which you need to complete successfully.

Certificates can be found and shared via LinkedIn, printed, or downloaded from “Profile”.
Quizzes are automatically graded. After you complete and submit a quiz, you’ll see your score. For some quizzes, you might also get some feedback.

You can retake quizzes as many times as you wish.

We have in-depth financial articles on market news and analysis, webinars on technical analysis and trading insights, educational podcasts and trading videos. We also offer a forex glossary and an economic calendar with all the upcoming economic data and events.

You can access them easily online without the need to register.

Our podcasts, webinars and other educational resources such as the VIP Room offer expert and in-dept trading knowledge covering a wide range of financial markets, and also provide valuable insights to boost your trading skills, develop your strategies and empower your trading.
Webinars are tailored according to different trading levels, so traders can get an introduction to forex or delve into technical and fundamental analysis.
Our educational podcasts are also a useful resource that can complement your education as they provide trading tips about when and what to trade, as well as explanations of various technical indicators and many more.
Once you register and logged in, you will have access to the dashboard page. Through this dashboard page, you can view all the courses that you may choose or the ones which are in progress, track your progress, and explore other courses that you may be interested in.

You can open a live or demo trading account.

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