Basics of retail FX

Discussing what the FX market is, as well as how it operates and when it is open.


Approx. 1 Hour,
27 Minutes

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This course is to discuss the various sessions of the FX market, its volume and what it actually trades. It also discusses which are the key players, how currency pairs are formed and categorised, the FX market’s key players, its evolution over time as well as an explanation of CFD’s and retail FX brokers.

Skills you'll gain

By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • know when the FX market operates and distinguish its sessions
  • know who the key players are and what their role is
  • know how currencies are being traded
  • discuss money’s dual nature
  • recognise the structure of a forex pair
  • distinguish the various categories of forex pairs
  • know how the FX market evolved over the past three decades
  • understand how CFDs work

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