FX market terminology

Discussing the role of margin and leverage, trading sizes and what a pip sand ask prices as well as other terminology


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This course is to provide an understanding of how margin and leverage work in the retail FX market, what the various trading sizes of a position are, what are pips and how their value is calculated, what the various types of orders are and how they can help a trader with special emphasis on pending orders, what bid and ask prices are and what their role is, the charges of swaps as well as other key definitions in retail FX trading

Skills you'll gain

By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • understand the role of the margin and leverage and how they work
  • distinguish between the various trading sizes
  • be able to calculate movements in FX pairs in pips as well as calculate their value
  • distinguish between the various types of orders and how to utilise pending orders to protect your investment
  • understand what a bid and what an ask price is, how to calculate the spread and understand the role of SWAPS
  • understand the importance and calculate the free margin

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